Used as a gong during gatherings to call the attention of the members. Also used for ethnic dancing. It is made up of copper and usually has a hat shaped like. Played by beating it with stick.



It is similar to that of the “Gong” however smaller. It is commonly used by Maranaos or Muslims.





It is made out of hollow round wood cylinder of wood with the skin of a goat or a cow stretched upon ring like frames fitted over its end. This is used during festivities and played by beating the end with a drumstick.



Made out of Bamboo. It is used to accompany dances.






It is a wood used to produce sounds. It is played during festivities to thank Magbabaya through dancing with bangkakaw. It is paddled by a pestle.

Bow and Arrow

Used during programs demonstrating war dance, athletic and other ethnic activities.





An antic jar to where the native win is placed. It is commonly used in rituals and festivities.

A bamboo instrument resembling a bantula. It has eight strings to produce sounds used in dancing during festivities.
It is made out of wood resembling a guitar however it has only 2 strings

An instrument whose sounds signal an arrival of visitors or a transient in the community. This is also used for transmitting codified messages from one person or group to the other. It is made up of a node length bamboo pole with a rectangular opening along its length that amplifies the sound. This is played by beating with a stick.

Bamboo flute


A bamboo without hole, blown with the mouth emits a sweet sound. Used in accompanying songs and dances.

A guitar with somehow long neck with one or two strings, used in accompnaying songs and dances.





A thin slat of bamboo with a small hole in the middle that gives variation of various tones. The vibration is initiated by blowing wind using the mouth.

A half-slit bamboo. One slat is made to bang against the other slat creating a sound that is similar to hand claps. When used two or more talapak will create somewhat clapping hands sound. It is used during planting.

It is a mouth instrument made from a bamboo locally called “Badtek”. Used in waiving basket. It has three holes.


It is made from a bamboo locally called “Badtek” Bigger than the Lantoy. It has four holes and four holes below.

Looks like a regular drum, but is made from thinned tree. It is covered by deer hides.