The Bukidnon Flag is the provincial emblem of the province. It expresses the indomitable spirit, noble values and rich heritage of Bukidnons and resembling their patriotic efforts for a sovereign Filipino Filipino nation under the blessings of Almighty God.

The prominent three equal horizontal stripes depicts the hospitability, heroism and nobility of Bukidnons and expressing Bukidnon sentiments for quality, freedom, justice and peace.

Color white, red, black – white stands honesty and purity; red for commerce, courage, bravery and heroism; black for authority; yellow for nobility.

Spear and Shield – traditional weapon fo the natives for self-defense.

Upper portion – the upper pointed portion of the shield represents the mountains ranges which are the main sources of forest products, wild life and flora, mineral deposits underneath and serve as natural defense of the province.

Lower portion – the lower pointed portion of the shield represents the scenic canyons like Mangima, Atugan and Kulaman Canyon which are serving also as natural defense of the province.

The parallel lines edging of the shield – stands for the traditional native settlements established along the river banks from which their name identify are derived from the names of the river along which they are located, like the Pulangions, Tigwahonons, etc..

Size of the flag – width is 34 inches and hight is 64 inches.

Circular figure with a mountain inside – the prominent landmark of the province, the Mt. Kitangalad known unofficialy as the highest peak in the Philippines where communications relay and transmission towers are located.