Existing health programs of the province is sustained and implemented in full blast. Indigent families continue to enjoy the Provincial Indigency Health Program (PIHP) which is considered as a pioneering health program in the Philippines. This program provides Indigent families free access to hospital services and medicines. Its effectiveness and usefulness has drawn the attention to other Province and Municipalities. Numerous government employees and officials have visited the province through Lakbay Aral to gain knowledge on how the PIHP operates

The Bukidnon Provincial Medical Center (BPMC) with its state of the art medical equipment together with the seven (7) other Bukidnon Provincial Hospitals and Health Stations are fully operational and responsive to the purpose of PIHP, barangay visitation all over the province are conducted for medical consultations with medicines accessible especially to the indigents.

Other equally important endeavors are initiated such as programs on Nutrition, Social Welfare, Population, Gender and Development, the Welfare of Women and children, the Disabled, Senior Citizens and Tourism Development were given needed support.