A. Land Cover and Distribution
Bukidnon has a total land area of 1,049,859 hectares. 669,529.25 hectares is classified as Timberland and the remaining 380,332.75 hectares is classified as Alienable and Disposable, 92% of which is utilized for agricultural production.
In terms of physical distribution of agricultural areas, Sugarcane lands dominate the landscape of Bukidnon followed by Corn lands, Pineapple and Irrigated Rice. 
B. Agribusiness Firms
Over a thousand Small/Medium firms in the province are engaged in Rice & Corn milling. Several large firms are into agri-industrial business while other giant firms are engaged in food manufacturing, contract breeding and growing operations.  


Large agribusiness firms which are into Pineapple plantation include the Dole North/South Skyland (DOLE), Mt. Kitanglad Agric-Dev’t. Corp. (MKADC), Lapanday Dev’t. Corp., Davao Fruits Corp., Global Fruits and Del Monte Phils, Inc. (DMPI). DMPI is also engaged in Cattle and Feedlot operation. 


DOLE and MKADC are also into Banana plantation, along with Agrinanas. DOLE and MKADC likewise venture into High Value Crops (HVC) and vegetables. 


A. Brown Resources is into Palm Oil Production and Milling, San Miguel Corp. is into Cassava Production, Bukidnon Highland Produce is venturing into production of Asparagus, and Menzi Agricultural Dev’t. Corp. for Cacao & Mandarin oranges.
Phil-Agro Industrial Corp. ventures into Starch Production. JPLT (Japan Phils. Latex) are into Latex Production.
There are two sugar milling companies in Bukidnon: the Bukidnon Sugar Milling Corp. (BUSCO) and Crystal Sugar Milling Corp. BUSCO is also into sugar refinery; it is the only refinery in the region.
Giant firms which undertake Contract Breeding and Growing Operation are the San Miguel Foods Inc., Monterey Farms Corp., Swifts Foods Corp., Purefoods Corp., Tyson Agro-Ventures and Vitarich. Rebisco is into food manufacturing. 
C. Major Agricultural Crops
In terms of crop area harvested, corn still remains as the most popular agricultural commodity produced by farmers within the province as majority of the agricultural lands in the province is devoted to corn. Palay came in second with sugarcane in the third in terms of area harvested with such crops.
While these three major crops are popularly grown because of its open market, they are at the same time considered as contributory elements to the increasing local as well as national economic demand.
Other major agricultural crops also considered as substantial factors for the development of Bukidnon’s growing industrial economy includes pineapple, Cavendish banana, Robusta coffee, and coconut.
The banana industry is seen to be positively moving towards bigger economic prospects as several major agro-industrial establishments are pursuing to establish and to expand their plantations. This is motivated by the environmental suitability of the crop and the favourable peace and order condition of the province.
Increasing demand for durian fruits not only in the province of Bukidnon but also in the neighboring provinces has also driven the farmers to plant more hectarage of durian.
Grain Procurement and Facilities
The National Food Authority (NFA) has five (5) existing warehouses in the province. The NFA Warehouse in Aglayan, City of Malaybalay has a capacity of 50,000 bags, warehouse located in Valencia has 100,000-bag capacity and another in Kalilangan with 50,000 bags. There are three NFA Warehouses located in Maramag: the Musuan Triplex has a capacity of 500,000 bags, Maramag-Main with 100,000 bags and Maramag Annex with 250,000 bags.  
The 2007 Grains Procurement in 50-kilo bags indicate that there are 127 bags of Palay grains and 105 bags of Corn have been purchased. Total grains sold are 217,799 bags of Rice, 2,466 bags Yellow Corn Grains, and 105 bags of White Corn Grains. Grains transferred lists Rice variety with outflow of 14,918 bags and inflow of 185,928. 
A vital component of agricultural production is the post harvest facilities that are provided to the farmers. The 2007 data provides that the province has a total of 201 rice & corn mills, 45 shellers, 5 threshers, and 14 mechanical driers. (NFA, 2007) 
Financing Institutions Extending Agricultural Loans
Several financing institutions extend agricultural loans to farmers and farming entities in Bukidnon. These are the Land Bank of the Philippines, QUEDANCOR, Development Bank of the Philippines, Philippine National Bank, One Network Bank; and several Rural Banks and Cooperative Banks.