(Abridged Version) 


The good Bukidnons try to become strong and useful, worthy of their province, that our country may become ever greater and better. Therefore, they obey the laws of right living which the best Bukidnons have always been.  


A. THE LAW OF SELF-CONTROL. TheGood Bukidnon controls himself. Those who best control themselves can best serve their province. 


B. THE LAW OF GOOD HEALTH. The Good Bukidnon tries to gain and keep good health. The welfareof our province depends upon those who are physically fit for daily work. 


C. THE LAW OF KINDNESS. The Good Bukidnon is kind. In the Province of Bukidnon those who are different must live in the same communities. We are of many different ethnic and social groups, but we are one great people. Every unkindness hurts the common life; every kindness helps. 


D. THE LAW OF SPORTSMANSHIP. The Good Bukidnon plays fair. Clean play increases one’s strength and courage and helps one to be useful to one’s province. Sportsmanship helps one to be a gentleman, a lady. 


E. THE LAW OF SELF-RELIANCE. The Good Bukidnon is self-reliant. Self-conceit is silly, but self-reliance is necessary to citizens who would be strong and useful. 


F. THE LAW OF DUTY. The Good Bukidnon does his duty. Deserters and the willing idler live upon others, and burden fellow citizens with work unfairly. They do not take their share, for their country’s good. 


G. THE LAW OF RELIABILITY. The Good Bukidnon is reliable. Our province grows great and good as her citizens are able more fully to trust each other. 


H. THE LAW OF THE TRUTH. The Good Bukidnon is true. I will be slow to believe suspicion lest I do injustice; I will avoid hasty opinions lest I be mistaken as to facts. 


I. THE LAW OF WORKMANSHIP. The Good Bukidnon tries to do the right thing in the right way. The welfare of our province depends upon those who have learned to do in the right way the work that makes civilization possible. 


J. THE LAW OF TEAMWORK. TheGood Bukidnon works in friendly cooperation with fellow workers. One alone could not build a city or a great sugar central. One alone could find it hard to build a bridge. That I may have bread, people have made plows and threshers, have built mills and mined coals, made stoves and kept stores. As we learn better ways to work together, the welfare of our province is advanced. 


K. THE LAW OF LOYALTY. The Good Bukidnon is loyal. If our Province of Bukidnon is to become ever greater and better, her citizens must be loyal, devotedly faithful in every relation of life, full of courage, and regardful of their honor. 


He who obeys the law of loyalty obeys all of the other ten laws of the Good Bukidnon. 

(Reference: Executive Order No. 01-02-14-68)