A. Banking Institutions

There are 52 banks currently serving 16 out of the 2 cities and 20 municipalities of the province, 30 of which are privately owned commercial banks, 7 rural banks, 7 government owned banks and 8 cooperative banks.

Privately-owned commercial banks include the Asian Hills Bank, One Network Bank, Southbank Inc., Bank of Commerce, Allied Banking Corporation, Metrobank, PCI-Equitable Bank, Green Bank of Caraga, etc. 

Among the rural banks are those of Manolo Fortich, Kibawe & Kalilangan, Malaybalay, and Valencia Rural Bank. 


Government-owned banks are the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP), Philippine National Bank (PNB), the Landbank of the Philippines (LBP), and the Philippine Postal Bank. 

Cooperative banks comprise the Bukidnon Cooperative Bank (BCB), First Community Cooperative (FICCO), Dumaguete Cooperative Development Bank (DCDB) and Melamedec Cooperative. 

Of the 52 banks actively serving within the province, 20 are located in Valencia City, 9 in Malaybalay City, 4 in Maramag, 3 each in Don Carlos and Quezon, and 2 each in San Fernando and Manolo Fortich. There exists one (1) bank each in the municipality of Dangcagan, Kalilangan, Kibawe, Kitaotao, Lantapan, Malitbog, Pangantucan, Sumilao and Talakag. (MPDC, 2007)  

B. Private Lending Institutions

77 lending institutions have been registered and are operating within the province.

The City of Malaybalay registered a total of 33 lending firms, the City of Valencia with 31, Don Carlos with 3 and 2 in Maramag. The municipalities of Cabanglasan, Damulog, Impasugong, Kadingilan, Libona, Malitbog, Manolo Fortich, Maramag and Quezon have one registered lending firm entity each. (MPDC, 2007)  





C.  Accommodation and Food Servicing Facilities

There are 29 Hotels and Lodging Houses registered and operating in Bukidnon; 10 each are located in the cities of Malaybalay and Valencia, 5 in Maramag, and 1 each in the municipalities of Dangcagan, Don Carlos, Kalilangan, and Kitaotao.  

The hotels most visited in Bukidnon are the Hotel Valencia in Valencia City; and, Pine Hills Hotel and Haus Malibu in the City of Malaybalay. 

Among other places to stay in Bukidnon are at Villa Alemania, Plaza View Tourist Inn, Quadra “D Stable”, Myla’s Lodge and Small World Travellers Inn in Malaybalay City; Palaisdaan Game Fishing Resort & Restaurant and Obrero Place in Manolo Fortich; MGM Mountain Resort, Edlimar Farm and Spring Resort, and Waig Crystal Spring Resort in Maramag; Lucky 9 resort in Dangcagan, and Seagull Valley Mountain Resort in Kitaotao (en route to Davao). 

Several boarding houses and small pads are noted to be operating in the cities of Malaybalay and Valencia, primarily catering lodging needs to college students near educational institutions. 

Eateries proliferated in the province, numbering 429. Bakeries abound, too, registering 108 bakeshops and stalls. These eateries and bakeries are spread in all 20 municipalities and 2 cities in Bukidnon, making food and snacks readily available. (LGU Reports, 2007) 

D. Cooperatives

The formation/organization of cooperatives is encouraged to accelerate countryside development. An inventory of active Cooperatives in Bukidnon yielded a total count of 287 in the year 2007. Majority of these cooperatives are located in the City of Malaybalay with 39 coops; followed by the Manolo Fortich registering 31; and Quezon and City of Valencia with 24 cooperatives each.  

E. Food Products

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