A. Priority Commodities for Development 

Among the crops that constitute the bulk of production in Bukidnon are palay, corn, sugarcane, pineapple, banana, cassava, sweet potato, white/irish potato, cabbage, tomato, mango and durian. These are industries with contributory potentials to local economic growth of the province. 

Listed as commodities for priority development in Bukidnon are the Food Crops, Livestock and Poultry, and Non-Food Crops. These are, in particular, the following commodity groups: 

  1. Food Crops – Rice, Corn (Yellow and White Corn), High Value Commercial Crops (such as the Green and Leafy Vegetables and Fruit Vegetables), Legumes, and Fruits (namely, Banana, Rambutan. Mango, Durian, Jackfruit and Lanzones).
  2. Livestock and Poultry – Cattle, Carabao, Goat, Swine, and Backyard chicken.

B. Investment Opportunities 

Promising investments in the province has its leaning on the following industries and undertakings:

1. High Value Vegetables Production and Processing

  • Packing sheds and cold chain facilities
  • Processing plants
  • Refrigeration transport services
  • Noodles production, Vegetable and fruit canning, freezing, dehydration and other means of preserving and packaging, Vegetable oil production, High Value Crop production and Commercial Seed production

2. Fresh Pineapple, Banana and other Fruits

  • Dehydration plants
  • Bottling
  • Vapor heat treatment and other processing facilities

3. Sugarcane Industry

  • Farm mechanization and efficiency upgrading
  • Ethanol production and processing

4. Cattle and Dairy

  • Integrated operation and feedlot growing, fattening, slaughtering and meat and milk processing

5. Swine and Poultry

  • Breeding, production, Triple “A” slaughtering and dressing facility
  • Processing plant and cold chain facilities

6. Inland Fisheries

  • Fry production
  • Tilapia and Hito growing and processing

7. Handicrafts (abaca, rattan, bamboo and wood)

  • Fiber-based textiles made of pineapple leaves, abaca and banana stalks
  • Gifts, toys, housewares and furniture

8. High value flowers and ornamentals production

9. Herbal medicine production and processing

10. Preservation and development of historical, natural and man-made attractions