11. Rubber production and manufacturing

  • Rubber tire manufacturing

12. Mineral-based Industries

  • Clay processing (kitchen and earthenwares, construction bricks and tiles manufacturing)
  • Industrial lime production
  • Stonecraft

13. Forestry-based Industries

  • Security paper manufacturing (abaca-based)
  • Fire resistant particle board manufacturing
  • Wood processing using fast-growing species
  • Particle board manufacturing
  • Pulp chipping plant

14. Service-related Industries

  • Telephone, telex, telegrapg and other voice or data communication services
  • Real estate development
  • Restaurants and hotels/hostels
  • Golf courses and country resorts
  • Other recreational and sports facilities

15. Waste management and waste disposal projects

    Factors that may enhance competitiveness and efficiency of the industries identified

    1. Reactivation of Bukidnon Investment and Export Promotions Board
    2. Ecozone Development
    3. Establishment of One-Stop Business Assistance Center
    4. Bukidnon Agri-Business Development Strategic Plan
    5. Intensive promotion of One Town, One Product (OTOP) Program
    6. Industry Clustering
    7. Strengthening of SMED Council
    8. Provision of Support Services
      • a. Research and development activities
      • b. Projects under R.A. 6957, as amended (BOT Law)
      • c. Special Export Processing Zones
      • d. Private Industrial Estates
      • e. Agro-processing Centers
      • f. Educational facilities including schools, skills training centers, etc.