The Bukidnons is an ethnic tribe in North central Mindanao whose ancestors were the aborigines of the coastal places of what is now the province of Misamis Oriental (Clotet, 1889).Their major means of subsistence are food gathering and swidden agriculture.The women are skilled in making appliqué and embroidering garments. The Bukidnons speak the Binukid dialect. They have light brown complexion, straight black hair; have an average height of about five feet. Their nose bridge is not flat (NCIP, 2003).The IPs who simply identify themselves as Bukidnon are mostly found in the northern part of the province. They specifically inhabited the lower slopes of the mountains of Sumilao, around Malaybalay and those lowland areas of Central Bukidnon. Courtships and marriages among the Bukidnons are brought about by parental arrangements made since the children were eleven years old. Men practice polygamy but the women are expected to be monogamous. Marriage is done by exchanging betel with molded rice.Bukidnons art is best expressed in their dances, poetry and music, mat weaving, and basketry. The Bukidnon musical instruments consist of bamboo flutes, bamboo Jew’s harp, one-stringed violin, and the boatshaped guitar.The Bukidnon handicrafts consist of mats, hats, fishtraps, and cloth weaving. The traditional method of farming is still being practiced by the farmers in planting palay, corn, sugarcane, pineapple, coffee, cassava, abaca, and vegetables.