Observations by PAG-ASA from 2006-2011 showed that Bukidnon has two prevailing types of climatic variations in the rainfall pattern existing between the northern and southern sections. The northern part falls under the third or intermediate A type, i.e, no very pronounced maximum rain period with a short dry season lasting only for one to three months. The southern part, beginning from Malaybalay, falls under the fourth type of intermediate B type, i.e, no very pronounced maximum rain period and no dry seasons. Rains are very frequent, almost daily for the rest of the year. Though the province is nearer the equator than Luzon island, the climate is pleasant due to its altitude and the usual extreme heat of the tropical region is lacking. Moreover, the province is outside the path of typhoons.

The annual average monthly rainfall distribution from 2006-2011 is 241.68 mm. The rainy seasons last from March to October when monthly fall are generally somewhat in excess of 200.00 mm. The drier season has mean monthly falls of generally 7.1 to 150 mm. Records indicate that the months of January, February, November and December show a reasonable regularity or no effective rainfall (Table 3).