The Province is composed of 20 municipalities and two component cities. It has a total of 464 barangays Among the municipalities, Kitaotao, with 35 barangays, has the most, followed by Quezon with 31 barangays. Sumilao has the least with only 10 barangays. The component cities of Malaybalay and Valencia have 46 and 31 barangays, respectively.

For purposes of congressional administration, the province is divided into three (3) districts.

The first District of Bukidnon has eight municipalities with a total land area of 3,394.66 sq. kilometers comprising about 32 percent of the total area of the province. It has 135 barangays.

The Second district has a total land area of 3,884.36 sq. kilometers comprising four municipalities and the Cities of Malaybalay and Valencia. It has a total of 143 barangays.

The third district has eight municipalities and a total land area of 3,219.57 sq. kilometers. It has a total of 186 barangays (Table 2).