Province of Bukidnon is highly agricultural land located in the Southern Philippines, occupying a wide plateau in the north central part of the island of Mindanao

Bukidnon gets a taste of every benefit each province in Region 10 enjoys. The province has a good road system that is very accessible for those who are travelling by land through Cagayan de Oro and through other entry points in Mindanao. It is also located in an area where the climate is very ideal for foreign and local dwellers. Bukidnon’s vast land of pineapple and other produce allows it to perform remarkably in the agri-business industry. In fact, two of the country’s biggest pineapple companies – Del Monte Philippines and Dole Philippines – have been operating in the province for years. Meanwhile, several adventure and eco-tourism parks have also added to the province’s popularity, making it one of the top go-to places for tourists visiting the Philippines.

The province is considered to be the food basket of the region, being the major producer of rice and corn. Products from plantations in the province also include bananas and sugarcane.