Bukidnon Investment Code of 2020 enumerates the following Bukidnon Investment Priority Areas:
1. Agri-business

a. Corn-based Industries

                 i. Post-Harvest Facilities 

                 ii. Feed Mill

iii. Corn Processing
b. Rice-based Industries
i. Post-Harvest Facilities
ii. Rice Processing
c. Sugarcane-based Industries
i. Alcohol production and processing
ii. Sugar processing
d. Root crops Processing (cassava & other root crops)
e. Banana Processing
f. Pineapple Processing
g. Coconut Processing
h. Certified organic crops
i. Coffee and Cacao Production and Processing
j. Fruits and vegetable production and processing
i. Noodles production
ii. Vegetable and fruit canning, freezing, dehydration and other means of preservation and packaging
iii. Post-harvest Facilities
k. Commercial seed production
l. Cut flower production
m. Integrated livestock breeding and processing
i. large animal breeding, production and fattening
ii. Meat processing
iii. Tannery and Leather craft production
iv. Cold storage, Triple A Slaughterhouse
v. Slaughtering and production of dressed carcass and prime cuts of pork and beef
vi. Dairy Production and Processing
n. Freshwater fish production, breeding and processing
o. Herbal medicine production and processing
p. Textile and garments production from pineapple leaves, abaca and banana stalks as material, and other natural fiber including barangay level degumming and cotonizing activities and abaca production.
q. Pulp processing from farm wastes
r. Organic Fertilizer Production
s. Bio-energy crops for green fuel

2. Forestry-based industries
2.1 Rubber production and processing
2.2 Oil palm production and processing
2.3 Bamboo production and processing
2.4 Commercial tree plantation
2.5 Security paper manufacturing (abaca-based)
2.6 Fire resistant particle board manufacturing
2.7 Wood processing using fast-growing species
3. Service-related industries
3.1 Bulk handling and Warehousing Facilities
3.2 Information and communication technology
3.2.1 Call centers
3.2.2 Software development
3.2.3 Medical transcription
3.3 Medical services/ facilities
3.4 Industrial and real estate development project
3.5 Training and sports facilities
3.7 Manufacture of agricultural and industrial tools, implement and

4. Tourism Related Establishments
4.1 Accredited (Department of Tourism) Accommodation facilities
4.2 Nature parks/ mountain resorts
4.3 Amusement park
4.4 Retirement village and wellness center
4.5 Education-Cultural Camp
4.6 Restoration of historical buildings,
4.7 Cultural revival/facilities


5. Support Services
5.1 Research and development activities
5.2 Projects under R.A. 6957, as amended (BOT Law)
5.3 Special Export Processing Zones
5.4 Agro-processing centers
6. Waste management and waste disposal projects