Brief History

    Political History Bukidnon, as an area was already long inhabited by the Bukidnons – called Montesses (mountain people) by the Spaniards. These people accordingly remained traditional until the 1860 seven for the fact that Spain had been in the Philippines since 1565 (Lao1, 1985). Opeña2 (1982) also contends that settlers from the Visayas continue reading : Brief History

Investing in Bukidnon

Province of Bukidnon is highly agricultural land located in the Southern Philippines, occupying a wide plateau in the north central part of the island of Mindanao.  Bukidnon gets a taste of every benefit each province in Region 10 enjoys. The province has a good road system that is very accessible for those who are travelling by land through Cagayan continue reading : Investing in Bukidnon