Investing in Bukidnon

Province of Bukidnon is highly agricultural land located in the Southern Philippines, occupying a wide plateau in the north central part of the island of Mindanao.  Bukidnon gets a taste of every benefit each province in Region 10 enjoys. The province has a good road system that is very accessible for those who are travelling by land through Cagayan continue reading : Investing in Bukidnon

Business Opportunities

Priority Areas of Investments   HIGH-VALUE VEGETABLES PRODUCTION & PROCESSING• Packing sheds & cold chain facilities• Processing plants• Refrigerated transport services FRESH PINEAPPLE, BANANA AND OTHER FRUITS• Dehydration plants• Bottling• Vapor heat treatment & Other processing facilities SUGARCANE INDUSTRY needs investments in• Bio-ethanol• Production & processing THE CATTLE & DAIRY INDUSTRY Feedlot growing• Fattening• Slaughtering• continue reading : Business Opportunities

Cost of Doing Business

There are certain issues and concerns to address in every business endeavor. Various factors must be taken into account in formulating a viable Business Plan. Here are a few of the things to consider when estimating costs of starting your business in Bukidnon. 2015 Cost of Doing Business {google_docs}|link:no|mode:default|width:530px{/google_docs} Download 2012 Cost of Doing Business continue reading : Cost of Doing Business

Industry and Trade

A. Banking Institutions B. Private Lending Institutions C.  Accommodation and Food Servicing Facilities D. Cooperatives E. Food Products  


 A. Land Cover and Distribution Bukidnon’s land area of 1,049.859 is the 4th largest in terms of size amongst the 81 provinces of the country. Of this, 36 percent (380,332.75 has.) is classified as Alienable and Disposable (A & D) while 64% percent (669,526.25 has.) is Forest Land. A & D of the province continue reading : Economy