Investing in Bukidnon

Province of Bukidnon is highly agricultural land located in the Southern Philippines, occupying a wide plateau in the north central part of the island of Mindanao.  Bukidnon gets a taste of every benefit each province in Region 10 enjoys. The province has a good road system that is very accessible for those who are travelling by land through Cagayan continue reading : Investing in Bukidnon

Business Opportunities

Priority Areas of Investments   HIGH-VALUE VEGETABLES PRODUCTION & PROCESSING• Packing sheds & cold chain facilities• Processing plants• Refrigerated transport services FRESH PINEAPPLE, BANANA AND OTHER FRUITS• Dehydration plants• Bottling• Vapor heat treatment & Other processing facilities SUGARCANE INDUSTRY needs investments in• Bio-ethanol• Production & processing THE CATTLE & DAIRY INDUSTRY Feedlot growing• Fattening• Slaughtering• continue reading : Business Opportunities

Cost of Doing Business

There are certain issues and concerns to address in every business endeavor. Various factors must be taken into account in formulating a viable Business Plan. Here are a few of the things to consider when estimating costs of starting your business in Bukidnon. 2015 Cost of Doing Business {google_docs}|link:no|mode:default|width:530px{/google_docs} Download 2012 Cost of Doing Business continue reading : Cost of Doing Business

Industry and Trade

A. Banking Institutions B. Private Lending Institutions C.  Accommodation and Food Servicing Facilities D. Cooperatives E. Food Products