Code of Good Bukidnon

THE CODE OF THE GOOD BUKIDNON  (Abridged Version)    The good Bukidnons try to become strong and useful, worthy of their province, that our country may become ever greater and better. Therefore, they obey the laws of right living which the best Bukidnons have always been.     A. THE LAW OF SELF-CONTROL. TheGood Bukidnon controls continue reading : Code of Good Bukidnon

Vision and Mission

  Provincial Capitol of Bukidnon VISION Bukidnon is envisioned as a province of self –reliant people, enjoying quality life in an atmosphere of justice, peace and harmony with an ecologically balanced environment and optimally developed agri-based economy. MISSION The promotion of the general welfare of the people of Bukidnon is the primary mission of the continue reading : Vision and Mission

Peace and Development

Governor Calingasan believes that Peace and Order is a non-negotiable component towards development. Funds were set aside to strengthen this aspects of governance. The Provincial Peace and Order Council is actively tapped as an avenue for dialogues on the Peace and Order situation in the province.