Code of Good Bukidnon

THE CODE OF THE GOOD BUKIDNON  (Abridged Version)    The good Bukidnons try to become strong and useful, worthy of their province, that our country may become ever greater and better. Therefore, they obey the laws of right living which the best Bukidnons have always been.     A. THE LAW OF SELF-CONTROL. TheGood Bukidnon controls continue reading : Code of Good Bukidnon

Vision and Mission

  Provincial Capitol of Bukidnon VISION Bukidnon is envisioned as a province of self –reliant people, enjoying quality life in an atmosphere of justice, peace and harmony with an ecologically balanced environment and optimally developed agri-based economy. MISSION The promotion of the general welfare of the people of Bukidnon is the primary mission of the continue reading : Vision and Mission

Peace and Development

Governor Calingasan believes that Peace and Order is a non-negotiable component towards development. Funds were set aside to strengthen this aspects of governance. The Provincial Peace and Order Council is actively tapped as an avenue for dialogues on the Peace and Order situation in the province.  

Infrastructure Supports

The province recognizes that infrastructure support services should be given utmost attention. Outlays were continually alloted for the maintenance of 682.39 lineal kilometer of roads and bridges in the province. Financial Assistance to Municipalities and Barangays, especially on projects raised and deliverated during the municipal and barangay visits were provided. The Provincial Government of Bukidnon continue reading : Infrastructure Supports

Economic Services

To boost economy of our province through agriculture, more impetus were made and implemented. A demo farm, named after the abbriviation ALICS (Assistance to Low Income Community and Shelters) in collaboration with the Provincial Agriculture Office, was established at Manolo Fortich. It aims to provide the people of Bukidnon, most especially the Indigenous People, free continue reading : Economic Services


Scholarship is another relevant area of concern of the province. Financial Subsidy and full scholarship to poor but deserving students were continually provided. In addition, an educational support program is put up at the BSU extension in Manolo Fortich to make education accessible to the residents of Northern Mindanao. Support to the education sector has continue reading : Education

Housing and Resettlement

The Province of Bukidnon is not exempted from squatting problems experienced in the whole country, getting rid of the squatters in both private and government owned properties and those affected by government infrastructure projects is a gargantuan task, and providing resettlement sites along with decent, affordable and presentable housing units for these displaced families is continue reading : Housing and Resettlement

Health and Social Services

Existing health programs of the province is sustained and implemented in full blast. Indigent families continue to enjoy the Provincial Indigency Health Program (PIHP) which is considered as a pioneering health program in the Philippines. This program provides Indigent families free access to hospital services and medicines. Its effectiveness and usefulness has drawn the attention continue reading : Health and Social Services