Housing and Resettlement

The Province of Bukidnon is not exempted from squatting problems experienced in the whole country, getting rid of the squatters in both private and government owned properties and those affected by government infrastructure projects is a gargantuan task, and providing resettlement sites along with decent, affordable and presentable housing units for these displaced families is continue reading : Housing and Resettlement

Health and Social Services

Existing health programs of the province is sustained and implemented in full blast. Indigent families continue to enjoy the Provincial Indigency Health Program (PIHP) which is considered as a pioneering health program in the Philippines. This program provides Indigent families free access to hospital services and medicines. Its effectiveness and usefulness has drawn the attention continue reading : Health and Social Services

Local Administration and Governance

Administrative functions, personnel policies and other related issuances were reviewed in order for the employees of the Provincial Government of Bukidnon to participate the present administration’s vision for progressive Bukidnon.