Provincial Hymn

“Bukidnon My Home” (English version)   Wherever I may roam the distant land to see, I long to go back soon to sweet Bukidnon home, Her lovely mountains high with forest old and grand, Bring memories to me the home I long to see,   Chorus   There my heart yearns to be In far continue reading : Provincial Hymn

Provincial Flag

The Bukidnon Flag is the provincial emblem of the province. It expresses the indomitable spirit, noble values and rich heritage of Bukidnons and resembling their patriotic efforts for a sovereign Filipino Filipino nation under the blessings of Almighty God. The prominent three equal horizontal stripes depicts the hospitability, heroism and nobility of Bukidnons and expressing continue reading : Provincial Flag

Provincial Seal

Two Big Trees – Picture the thick forests of the province. Three Orchids – Symbolizes the rich flora of Bukidnon. Bull and Cow – Represents the cattle industry of the province. Rice Paddies – Symbol of lowland rice production in the central part of the province. Mountain Range – Stands for the many mountain ranges continue reading : Provincial Seal